This page is dedicated to the constitution of the Cheshire Bonsai Society.

  1. Name
    1. The society shall be known as Cheshire Bonsai Society.
  2. Objects
    1. The objects of the society shall be To promote, educate and increase interest in the art of Bonsai together with any associated activity. To participate in shows organised by other organisations or bodies with the object of promoting the art of Bonsai.
  3. Officers
    1. The officers of this society shall be:
      • Chairman
      • Secretary
      • Membership Secretary
      • Treasurer
    1. The society shall be managed by a committee which shall compromise the officers listed in paragraph 3 of this constitution and up to five other paid up members.
    2. The committee shall meet at least twice in each year and the proceedings of such meetings will be recorded.
    3. The quorum for meetings of the committee shall be four members.
  4. Powers of the committee
    1. The property and/or assets of the society shall be controlled by the committee.
    2. The committee may, in the event that a position of officer or committee member falls vacant, appoint a member of the society to fill such vacancy until the next AGM.
    3. The committee shall have powers to accept or reject any application for membership of the society and to suspend or expel any member deemed guilty of conduct prejudicial to the good name of the society.
    4. The committee shall have the power to set members’ annual subscriptions and any other fees that may be chargeable to members.
    5. The committee shall be able to do any lawful thing in furtherance of the objectives of the society.
  5. Membership
    1. Membership shall be open to any person on payment of the annual subscription.
    2. Honorary members of the society may be appointed by the committee.
    3. Annual subscriptions will be due for payment at the AGM in each year.
    4. If a member’s annual subscription has not been paid by 30 June in any year, the member will be deemed to have resigned from the society and their name will be removed from the register of members.
  6. Accounts
    1. The society’s financial year shall be 1 January until 31 December each year.
    2. The treasurer shall keep a cash book recording all receipts and payments by the society. This cash book must be made available to the committee should they so request.
    3. The treasurer shall present a financial statement to members at every AGM.
  7. Annual General Meeting (AGM)
    1. The AGM shall be held within three months of the end of the society’s financial year.
    2. The members shall receive a report from the chairman.
    3. The members shall receive and approve the treasurer’s financial statement.
    4. The society’s officers shall be elected at the AGM.
    5. The quorum for the AGM shall be ten members.
  8. Finance
    1. The committee shall authorise the treasurer to open bank or building society accounts in the name of the society.
    2. The committee shall authorise the signature of cheques by any two of the committee members.
  9. Limited Financial Liability
    1. The committee shall not enter into any financial transaction that cannot be met from the current financial assets held within the society’s accounts. No member shall enter into any financial transaction on behalf of the society without the approval of a majority vote from the full committee or from a general meeting.
    2. An individual member’s liability shall be limited to the sum of money equal to and no more than the current year’s membership subscription.
  10. Winding up
    1. In the event of the dissolution of the society a donation of £50 to be given to Chris Williams in recognition of, and gratitude for, his support of the society. The remaining funds to be divided equally between current members, holding a minimum membership of one year. This to be reviewed annually at the final committee meeting of the year.